Why businesses need to care for their tech

All companies must now take technology seriously. From multinational giants to small, local firms, no organization can afford to ignore their tech. Here are just some of the reasons why this is such a fundamental issue for enterprises in the modern business world.

Driving sales

Many firms now rely on technology to drive sales. Whether they’re selling goods or services in brick and mortar stores or online, their IT systems and devices must be up-to-scratch. As point of sale installation and maintenance experts CJ Retail Solutions point out, retail systems must be fully operational if sales opportunities are to be maximized. If in-store digital signage or point of sale systems aren’t working properly, consumers may be disinclined or even unable to make purchases. Similarly, if websites are out of action, sales opportunities will be squandered.

Protecting your brand

Closely related to this point, if companies are failed by their technology, their reputations can take a battering. Consumers have exacting standards these days and they expect their retail experiences to be seamless. If they encounter problems when they’re perusing or purchasing goods or services, they’re likely to take their custom elsewhere. They may also register their frustration with friends and family, and online through an array of social networking and review websites. Ultimately, this is very bad news for brands.

Increasing efficiency

Technology also plays a crucial role behind the scenes. When IT systems and devices are working properly, employees can get on with their tasks quickly and effectively. However, if personnel have to put up with slow or unreliable systems or dodgy devices, their productivity inevitably drops. Over time, this can have a massive impact on companies’ bottom lines and it can render them unable to compete with their more efficient rivals.

Safeguarding security

Security is a major issue too. If businesses fail to take care of their tech, they can leave themselves open to a range of security threats. Highlighting this problem, a recent poll of 476 IT professionals conducted by Trustwave found that many businesses are taking on a considerable amount of preventable security risk. More than six in 10 firms (63 percent) did not have a fully mature method to track and control sensitive data. Ultimately, a lax approach to IT security can spell disaster for firms. It can lead to the loss of money and important information, and if firms are found to have failed in their data security provisions, they can face potentially damaging legal action.

In short, if companies don’t care for their technology, they can experience a whole range of ill-effects and they stand little chance of achieving long-term success.


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