What is WHMCS and How to Use it?

WHMCS is an automation platform that makes it simpler for you to manage your web hosting and domain registry business. This tool is very useful for all those in reseller hosting business.

Main features

With the WHMCS platform, you can do the following:

  1. Automate your recurring billing business
  2. Automatically create accounts, suspend them and later terminate the policy violating accounts
  3. With the help of the latest WHMCS platform, you can raise support tickets, and create a knowledge base.
  4. Track your payments and discover statistical trends.
  5. Offer multi-language support for your email and control panel
  6. You can also customize your control panel using templates

In addition, keep all your tasks in once central place and track their progress real time. Create task lists and assign them to your individual projects. WHMCS is indeed a very dynamic project management tool too.

WHMCS is well integrated with most of the control panels that you can think of like cPanel, Plesk, Symantec, Solusvm, DirectAdmin, Enom, Cloudflare and Weebly. These are not the only applications that connect with WHMCS; in fact, there are more than 200 such apps and integrations that work seamlessly with this automation platform.

Most users in the reseller hosting area swear by the efficiency of WHMCS.

Compared to similar products, WHMCS has two distinct qualities. These are:

  1. a) Flexibility – With a powerful API, this platform is extensible and can easily integrate with numerous apps and extensions.
  2. b) Easy set-up- WHMCS has been designed keeping in mind web hosts. It is intuitive and can be set up in not months but just months.

Wide range of services

You can do several things with this automation platform. Each of its service offerings comes with a price point.

  1. Set up and configuration– This offering includes the following:
  2. a) Installation of Domain Registrar and TLD pricing
  3. b) Setup and configure your preferred payment gateway
  4. c) Use WHMCS to set up your core software
  5. d) Setting up of 1 hosting server / reseller hosting account
  6. e) You can also set up support departments

Ask your reseller hosting provider for the complete information on the features listed above.

  1. Service upgradation

Use WHMCS to upgrade your service. This helps in improving website performance and user retention. Service engineers normally take 24-48 hours to revert on upgradation requests.

  1. Integration Service

Integrate WHMCS with the rest of your website and improve your site’s performance. You may have to pay something extra when it comes to integrating WordPress themed websites. Same goes with Joomla.

  1. WHMCS Migration Service

Use this automation platform to migrate your WHMCS instalment from one environment to another, seamlessly. All your files , crons, email pipes etc will be transferred seamlessly with zero downtime. Normally, it takes 48 hours for this migration to take place. This service is chargeable.

  1. Migrating to WHMCS?

If you are considering to switch from custom or 3rd party solutions to WHMCS, then you can contact the platform engineers. This process is a bit complicated so you will have to pay a bit more in comparison to the services listed above.

In addition, WHMCS provides you unmatched customer support 24/7. If you need personalised support, subscribe to the platform’s priority customer support.


If you are a owner of an online business, then you should consider installing the WHMCS automation platform. This platform puts you in control of your business in many ways.

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