Top Marketing Agencies In The Great Salt Lake City

The business of marketing agencies is to help other businesses to thrive and expand.  These agencies assist companies in developing business strategies, troubleshooting, and training in general.  Your marketing agent is your own personal Socrates when it comes to helping your business to grow.  It’s important to find just the right agency that specializes in your field, so here’s a little heads up to guide you in your journey.


Jakob Marketing Partners


This company was created in 1999, so it has deep roots in Salt Lake.  Their main motto is to put your ideas to work.  This is more of a liberal, go get-em company.  They specialize in digital marketing, media services, and upping your public relations.  If you’re looking to find a high energy, driven agent, this agency could be a good fit.  




This agency is better suited to small or medium size businesses.  Jibe specializes in design, branding, advertising, social media, and content marketing.  The people of Jibe are very relaxed and have a more laid back approach to helping your business grow.  The best fit for this company would be a business matching one of these descriptions.


“A new entrant with a unique selling proposition and a ready-to play mindset.  A proven concept with smart leadership and next level mentality. Capable teams needing strategy, creative resources, and brand fuel.” –




This agency works as a partner for the Redevelopment Agency of Salt Lake City.  The RDA has a main purpose of bringing life back into rundown areas of the city.  BWP specializes in branding, marketing, and advertising for companies looking to start a new image and attract new developers to the area.  Here is a list of areas in which BWP provides full service: brand development, identity design, name development, research, advertising, marketing, advertising and lots more.


Whatever your needs may be, there are many different companies around the Salt Lake City area that will offer guidance and support for your newly developing business.  Don’t get left behind, and find an agency that best suites your needs.  

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