The Perks of Using a Dedicated Server


Using a dedicated server allows you complete control over the server because it is dedicated solely to you. You do not have to worry about sharing hardware, limited memory space, and bandwidth speed. Since you are running on your own server, all of the same things are available with pretty much no limitations.

Dedicated For Large Businesses

There is no denying that there is a lot of business to be made over the internet. Larger businesses really benefit from using a hosting company renting dedicated servers because, for one, the amount of data storage is going to be more appropriate for the needs of the business. If your business has a lot of traffic going through on a regular basis, you are going to want to make sure that your web site is going to be able to handle it without slowing down or booting potential customers from the page.

Another thing a larger business can appreciate about using a dedicated server is that although it may be more costly than some other servers, such as shared server or VPS, you basically get what you pay for. You will either pay monthly or contract to pay yearly. With a dedicated server you have the option for unlimited, or unmetered, bandwidth use. What that means is that you can stay connected and keep your speeds without having to worry about overage charges at the end of the month or year.

If your business keeps the website running at top speeds the customers will definitely return to the same website. Using a dedicated server gives that security in knowing that the server is doing what it is supposed to be doing all the time, not just some of the time like with a shared server.

Dedicated For Small Businesses

Using a dedicated server for a smaller business may not be worth it. With smaller businesses, having the cost of running on a dedicated server may not be very profitable for a smaller business. You may be offered an insane amount of memory that you know you will not be able to use, so why pay for it?

Some smaller businesses may be slowly starting to outgrow the shared server resources and are looking for a bigger and better way to do business. At this point it may be necessary to upgrade to a dedicated server, however, there is an in between. Virtual private servers (or VPS) are built to have services that benefit businesses in between using a shared server, which is too small, and a dedicated server, which is too big. It may be your best bet to move up to a virtual private server, which is just as good as a dedicated server and costs way, way less.

Your business could be stifled if you ignore the fact that you need to upgrade from using a shared server, or even a virtual private server. You do not want your server to disconnect from customers who are trying to look at your web site by an unsupportive server. There are plenty of other businesses on the internet and once those customers get booted from a site, they may not go back to try a second time. It would be easier for them to just go down the line to find your competitor’s sites, which may be running on a secure, dedicated server.

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