Smart sectors for investments: Making the right choices

Having a diverse portfolio of investments can help you gain the financial security you need now and in the future. Here is a review of some recommended investment sectors and advice that can help you make the best choices to build your financial portfolio and achieve your goals.




There is no question; the energy sector is going to grow. As people around the world increase their standard of living, and manufacturing and industry expand, so will the need for energy. Renewable energy sources are set for rapid expansion, as well as traditional forms of energy. The more growth in other sectors the higher the growth in energy.


Health care


As the economy improves in an area, the demand for better and improved health care will rise. This can lead to lucrative opportunities for those invested in commercial real estate or pharmaceutical companies. Biomedical research, home healthcare, hospitals, and insurance companies will all be in increasing demand in emerging economies as well as in the United States.


Necessities and small luxury items


Food, clothing, alcohol, and tobacco are all items that will increase in demand in developing countries. Tourism will lead to a demand for a variety of foods and beverages all over the world. As the population density increases in certain areas, there will be an increased demand for restaurants and other food services. A prime example can be seen in China. In fact the demand for fine wine from Bordeaux has led to China having a pivotal role in the price that such wine commands all over the world.


Tourism and entertainment


Tourism can provide many opportunities to the shrewd investor. Hotels and restaurants can offer good returns if they are properly located. Alternatively, an investment in commercial real estate can provide substantial returns in the mid to long-term if the property is leased or sold when demand increases. Entertainment such as live music venues will also be in demand.


Good advice means a better rate of return


Investing in your future should not be hard. Seeking the advice of a professional can ensure that you get the absolute best return possible for your investment dollar. Fortress Investment Group Co-Founder Wes Edens specializes in alternative business investments and public equity investments. Fortress offers investment advice to a wide variety of people and businesses, and Wes Edens has also has an extensive business investment background as a former manager at Blackrock Financial and Lehman Brothers.


With such experience working for you, it is far more likely that you will get the maximum return for your investment dollar.




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