The Complete DIY Computer System in times of a Nuclear Disaster

Disaster preparation is something that most people are very concerned about, but it becomes different when dealing with a nuclear disaster. When a nuclear disaster does strike, it's always best to have the ability to construct machines and items that people need for their basic needs. Food and drinks storage, a makeshift home that prevents radiation and a solid communications system would be a good start. One of the most important gadgets that a person must have after a nuclear disaster would be Read more [...]

8 Things You Can Stop Paying For

No matter how small the expense, in the end everything adds up, so if you find yourself short on money after paying your bills, it may be time to cut costs where you can. Some things you have may seem like necessities, but really aren't. Below is a list of expenses that, surprisingly, people are still paying. Cable - With so many gadgets out there like the iPad, Google Chromebook, game consoles, and tablets, you can get all the shows and/or movies you want from Hulu, Netflix, Channel Chooser, and Read more [...]