Important OCR-Based Data Entry Advantages

OCR (optical character recognition) is a widely implemented data entry method that involves recognizing printed or written text to digitize it through scanning. Text is practically photo-scanned, analyzed and translated into codes. Machine-encoded text is then really easy to search end edit.

OCR technology from and similar can easily help businesses get numerous boosting benefits. The main advantages of using OCR-based data entry are the following.

High Productivity

Businesses are helped by OCR software to achieve a high productivity level by simply making it quicker to retrieve data as it is needed. The effort and time that employees put into extracting relevant data are channelized into core activities. There is no longer a need to take trips to record rooms to get documents since this is done from the comfort of the employers’ desk.

Lower Costs

When the business uses OCR, there is no need to hire professionals in order to perform data extraction. You end up trimming many different costs associated with having extra staff, including copying, shipping, and printing. OCR eliminates the costs of dealing with lost or misplaced documents. You also gain savings as you reclaim office space you normally use in order to store paper documents.

Higher Accuracy

Data entry has a huge challenge in inaccuracy. OCR data entry offers automated tools that lead to reduced inaccuracies and errors. The efficiency of data entry is increased because there are fewer errors. Also, common problems that could appear, like data loss, are solved with the use of OCR data entry. There is only minimal manpower involved so it is very difficult to enter the wrong information by accident.

Storage Space Increases

OCR software will scan, catalog and document information coming from paper documents. Due to this, you get to store data in electronic formats. This happens in servers instead of paper files. Businesses from all around the world work hard right now to remove paper use. OCR helps do exactly that.

Increased Data Security

Every single business needs to think about data security. Paper documents can easily be lost or destroyed. There are many cases when papers are misplaced, destroyed due to natural elements like fire, pests, and moisture or stolen. If the data is scanned and then stored in a digital format, you do not have to worry about such unwanted situations. Digital document access is minimized so you do not have to think about digitized data being mishandled.

Being Able To Search Documents

OCR data processing has a huge advantage in the fact that digitized documents are fully text-searchable. Professionals can end up easily looking up addresses, names, numbers and countless other parameters. It is so much easier to search a database that is digitized than to look through countless documents saved on paper.

Improved Customer Service

Inbound contact centers sometimes offer the information required by customers. Call centers can offer that information but only in the event that there is a database where this is stored. Through OCR, you can systematically store and then retrieve documents that are in a digital format. This is possible at really fast speeds. Waiting time is thus drastically reduced and customers do not have to wait. Improved customer experience becomes a reality and all clients want to feel valued.

Editable Documents

The last thing that we should mention is that scanned documents usually end up edited. This is especially when an information update is necessary. With OCR, data is converted to a preferred format, like Word. Then, when it is time to edit, everything is very simple. Such an advantage is very important when content has to be regularly changed or updated.

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