How To Get Your Business Found on Google

Google is pretty awesome and aside from being a search engine they have expanded into so much more. Google offers businesses a lot of great things, from email to cloud storage. However, one of the most important things for businesses when it comes to this search engine establishment is knowing how to get found.


Have a Good Online Presence


The first key to being found online, Google or not, is to have a great online presence. That doesn’t just mean having a website, or having a blog with the perfect keywords though. It also means utilizing those free advertising sites called social media. Social media gives your fans a place to find you where they can feel like they are on the same level with you.


Start a Facebook page about your business that connects to your website. Share links in your blog to your social media and share links to your blog posts through your social media. Try even starting a Facebook group and get the buzz going. You build trust and find new buyers here.


Try Google My Business


Google My Business is something that Google offers strictly to business owners. They have an array of tools that businesses can use, including places, maps and even analytics. According to a recent article on Google My Business by Patient Sites, this service is key to getting your business to rank high in the Google search results.


This isn’t a must have for businesses, but if you want to be a success and be at the top of Google search, every little bit helps.


Fall Back on Keywords and Great Content


Never forget to use great keywords and to always post content that is easy and fun to read so that people can enjoy their time on your site and get the most from it. The longer someone stays on your site the better chances you have of selling them your products. Use the Google Keyword Tool to find out the most competitive and searched keywords and place them smartly in your website and blog posts. Always post well researched content that people will want to read.


Lastly, create a call to action on each page and each blog. Tell people to contact you for ideas, suggestions, and recommendations about your products and services. It always helps to give your readers and visitors a good idea for their next step instead of just letting them leave your page or site without moving forward.

Hopefully these tips will help your business flourish. Everyone loves a good seller and they’ll want to know exactly why your service is the best choice. Tell them.

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