Guide to Selecting a Web Hosting Company with SEO in Mind


SEO has really seen major changes; keyword stuffing and link stuffing are no longer the norms that sites have to prescribe to. Now, it is important that your site loads quickly, and that you are adding quality content to your site above all else; you also have to develop a site that can create its own niche, without having to rely on external links to do so. Keyword rich content is no longer the first and foremost concern with SEO. But, the main factor to consider is that your site opens without any glitches. If the site does not run smoothly, it is going to run the risk of being outranked by a competitor that does not face these issues, and produces quality content quickly. So, it is really important that you rethink the way you are working with web hosting companies. This is a short list you have to go through, before concluding which companies to work with:

Hosting location

If your site location is in the US, but your host is in Iran, this does not make much sense; going with a US based host is the way to go. Since you are targeting US customers, you want a site that is operated smoothly, and loads quickly, providing quality content to the visitor.

IP Address

Individual hosting is not possible for many companies, due to the higher cost. So, when you go with shared hosting, you have to be particular about the sites they are hosting. You have to check IP addresses and do research, to ensure you are not dealing with spam, and slowed down hosting. Going with the right host, and valid IP addresses, means faster service, and means your site is not going to be loaded with spam and other content that you do not want linked back to your site.


This is a vital factor, and you can’t ignore it when it comes to hosting. If your site is always underperforming, it is going to be avoided at all costs by visitors; and, this is going to put your site and your company at stake online. So, if you feel you need faster speeds and bandwidth, it is better to go with a larger hosting company, one that is never down, and one that is going to guarantee the highest bandwidth speeds, no matter who is online, or what other sites are being hosted along with yours. Just because you choose higher bandwidths, does not mean high prices. With many coupons floating around, you are bound to find great deals, and low prices for higher speeds, when you look for the savings that are out there for you to make use of.

Last, but not the least of your worries, is finding a host with a reliable and knowledgeable tech support team. You want to know that if something is down or there is a problem, that they will get your site up and running in no time at all, limiting down time.

This is a guest post brought to you by one of our readers Mo Raja. He works a UK based gadget insurer Protect Your Bubble and occasionally blogs on technology, gadget and online media related topics. This post however is solely the opinion of Mo and not endorsed by any other individual or organisation.

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