4 Concrete Tech Solutions to Speed up Your Sales

Considering the current level of market saturation in many different industries, automation of processes within is the only way for a business to become a valid competitor in its niche. Chances are that you’re surrounded with companies that have a similar offer as you; for you to stand out in the eyes of your audience, your sales need to be mechanized and effective.

Therefore, you need to turn to software. The internet is overflowing with different solutions for automation, which is why you need to choose carefully. A piece of software can enable your business to resurface and catch the attention of your audience, but it can also drown it.

The following solutions belong in the category of cutting-edge technology. Each software solution listed below is brilliant tool that offers highly functional features, and each of them is worth your while.

Cloudbeds (Property Management Software)

Vintage old hotel bell on the table

If you’re in the hospitality industry, this software is a godsend.

Every activity that takes place in one or several of your buildings will become less demanding – both the time and energy necessary for a task to be completed will be decreased.

Thanks to a drag-and-drop system, your employees will be able to regulate arrivals and departures of your guests within seconds. Cloudbeds will also provide you with instruments to communicate with your online partners, like travel agencies and booking websites, without having to visit their pages regularly.

Cloudbeds software is also mobile-friendly, so you’ll be able to work on a go, and never miss another check-in again. You’ll also be provided with analytics tools that offer analytical data in real time, so that your decision-making process can always be based on concrete information.

Payments can be mechanized as well – the process of manual credit card processing will be a thing of the past.

WorkFusion (Intelligent Automation)

Unlike other platforms mentioned on this list, WorkFusion provides multiple solutions for different problems. The software that this company offers can be used in different industries:

  • banking

  • healthcare

  • commerce

  • media

  • insurance

  • shared services

Each of the tools are highly intelligent; they automate administrative and mechanical processes, WorkFusion software opens room for ideas and creativity in a workplace. You can even automate processes that require a certain level of decision making using AI.

By applying WorkFusion solutions to your business, you’ll gain full control over the workflow, define every activity and digitize it. Thanks to tools for monitoring and analytics, you’ll be also be able to conduct quality control with ease.

Genio (Learning Management Software)

When it comes to the e-Learning industry, you should pay attention to what Genio has to offer. Whether you’re interested in building corporate training, courses, or you need to find new employees, this tool can supply you with all the necessities.

What makes this cloud-platform especially interesting is its built-in editor that will correct you as you work. The Genio editor is a clever assistant; it knows what features mark a quality, interactive course. With its tips, you’ll be able to develop effective courses quickly and with ease.

This platform enables you to implement different types of content to your e-learning units, apply trending methods such is gamification to your courses, and work on your smartphone.

Widen Collective (Content Management Software)

If you’re struggling with your media libraries, constantly having trouble finding your files, Widen Collective has an interesting solution for you.

Basically, this software is a super-organizer. Whether you’re working with audio, video, or images – or all three of them – Widen Collective can help you download, store and organize your files.

What makes this tool impressive is its ability to keep track of your files when they are publically released online. Thanks to its tools, you’ll be able to gather feedback on who is using your content and when. In addition, it will also assist you with uploading your content to websites by providing you embed codes and links.

Your choice here should depend on the needs of your business, because you must be able to use the full potential of a piece of software in order to enjoy all its benefits. Another very useful property that marks each of the tools mentioned here is that your employees won’t have to go through a challenging learning curve – you’ll be able to successfully use these tools straight away.

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