Don’t Let Your Business Be Held Ransom: Prevent Ransomware Attacks

Many people react with wonder and fear when they read stories about ransomware and data breaches. Given the vague and detail-free accounts of these attacks in the media, it should come as no surprise that some regard the idea of hacking a computer as some kind of magical activity, like divination. The truth is overcoming security measures in the average computer is both effortless and trivial. Most businesses invest little to nothing in data security, and the average individual has no idea how Read more [...]

TV Mounting Installation: Before starting to drill …

Here are some tips! In principle, installing a TV mounting or support bracket is easy; drill the holes, insert the studs into the wall and place the bracket using the screws provided. That is all. But don’t rush; we want to give you some tips to make sure that everything goes well. Drill bits The material you intend to drill determines the type of drill bit you should use. For example, a different drill bit should be used for drilling into wood than for drilling into a stone or concrete wall. Wood This Read more [...]