Why Indian Web Hosting Firms Choose Windows Platform?

For many international companies who look to reduce their overhead costs and still maintain a strong presence online, offshore web hosting services India have indeed been a lifesaver. The web hosting services offered by Indian web hosting firms are at the same level as those offered by overseas web hosting firms. However, the great savings that international companies make when they outsource the web hosting services to Indian companies has resulted in a considerable growth in the number of Indian firms that offer web hosting services.

There are many small firms in India that provide web hosting services at a much lesser expense than what the larger firms overseas provide. These small firms in India are striving to compete with the bigger and established web hosting firms. Small web hosting firms in India now use the Windows hosting platform for reliable, high-end services to their clients. This has inevitably led to an increase in the number of firms that require a Windows hosting platform to meet their business requirements online. Different technologies like Windows Streaming Media, FrontPage, Ms-Access and ASP.NET deliver outstanding results when they are used on the much sophisticated Windows hosting services.


Small as well as large firms that offer web hosting services India now use Windows hosting services. The features offered by a Windows hosting server are immense and also it provides highly effective scripting languages which make it a popular choice among web hosting firms. Popular scripting languages like PHP, ASP.NET and ASP deliver optimum results when they are used along with a Windows hosting platform. For companies who look to use SQL and Microsoft Access servers, Internet Information Server (IIS) application is now a trend when ASP scripting language is used. This is effectively provided by most of the web hosting firms in India.

Also, when any international company chooses a web hosting services India firm, it automatically opens its doors for high-end technologies like CGI and other programs which are custom-built for the Windows platform. Most international giants now rely on web hosting firms based in India since these firms provide hosting on Windows platform which helps the overseas company attain its goals and objectives that they have decided upon for their corporate or business website.

However, this type of web hosting is very different from free web hosting. International companies have to pay a fee for their Indian firms for the offshore hosting services. Linux-based web hosting is free of cost but not all international companies prefer to use Linux-based platform for hosting their business website. Some experts argue that paying a substantial amount extra for few additional features on the website may not be a cost-effective idea for any company. However, companies are increasingly becoming aware of the plethora of advantages that comes with a well-designed and well-conceptualized website. Some of the features provided on a carefully designed website can really churn in big profits for the business website.

For most overseas companies, adopting a Windows server for web hosting is the best solution. For them, this is an investment that brings good results in a limited time frame.

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