Why hire an SEO team instead of an in-house team?

So, your brand or business has seen the importance and relevance of search engine optimization and now needs to initiate its SEO bandwagon in order to get more leads from the internet. For those of you traditional marketing professionals who are not familiar with SEO, here we have compiled 5 compelling reasons on why it is better to hire an agency than building your own in-house SEO team.

  1. Reap benefits from experience: Simply put, when you hire an SEO firm, you get a ready manpower on hand. This saves you a lot of time on sorting through resumes, shortlisting candidates and interviewing people back and forth. Also, if you do not have the proper knowledge of SEO, how will you be able to judge who is the best person for the job. An experienced SEO agency has tremendous knowledge members who help in aiding setting appropriate strategy to resolve any SEO issue head-on.

  2. Proven expertise: When you sign on a proven SEO agency, not only your campaign moves quickly, they are always there to resolve or answer any query, weigh in or consult on various online marketing techniques. An experienced digital marketing agency in London usually has a track record of case studies and a decent size of SEO team. Additionally, they also invest time in researching, testing and attending SEO conferences to keep themselves up to date to better serve the employers.

  3. Collaborative Efforts: Since the agency has years of SEO experience, your projects and campaigns are seen from a professional eye. As opposed to creating your own team, the strategy devised by your SEO team gets managed by other members, VPs, etc. Therefore, putting your time and effort in a single person to market all your products or services can be risky.

  4. Easier to manage: Reputed SEO companies are available to take on tasks. It is always easier to leave your projects in the hands of an experienced SEO professional and much easier to manage that way. It really doesn’t take as much time out of your day to day’s time and you get all the value.

  5. Performance driven: SEO firms do whatever it takes to retain you as a client. This kind of a mentality encourages them to be more performance oriented and highly driven to outperform themselves every quarter. All such firms track their performance through analytics, overall ROI and rankings.

Larger companies usually have their own SEO team – in-house team and an SEO agency to get the advantages of both worlds. Whichever route your firm takes, ensure that the person or agency responsible for your project is reputed, experienced and performance driven.

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