Using Personalized Video to Win New Business

Creating new customers is the life blood of any business. Getting new people engaged and interested in a brand is crucial to the success of any type of company. One of the best ways to directly engage with potential customers, especially young people, is through personalized video. How does a company create personalized videos to relate directly to their customers?


Presentation Software


The first step to creating any kind of digital content is the find the right presentation software. Companies like Clearslide offer sales engagement software that empower sales executives to do what they do best: close deals. Having the right software enables a company to create branded content more easily and make it relevant to as many or as few customers as desired. Whether your company is looking to make a video that is personalized to your entire customer base or personalized down to specific customers, having the right software makes it possible.


Know Your Potential Customer


You can’t create ideal video content without knowing what your customers want to see. The ability to anticipate customer wants and needs is invaluable to any company. By far, the easiest way to know what people want is to ask them. Whether you ask verbally or through surveys, letting your customers tell you what they want from you is important both for the company and for the customer. If a customer tells you something you can improve on and then sees in a video that you have specifically addressed that issue, it could create a customer for life. Getting to know your potential customer base and listening to what they need is an invaluable element to creating any personalized video geared toward any audience.


 Keep it Short


It is an unwritten rule of the internet that no one wants to watch a twenty-minute video about anything other than sports fails or cats. Keeping your video short and to the point is very important to making sure your video actually gets watched. Short videos are perfect for relating important information very quickly. If more information is available, a link to your website can accompany the video. Overwhelming people with a bunch of information is usually not the best way to get people into your business. Finding the right balance of information in your video can make all the difference in creating new customers.


Relating to a customer base through personalized video marketing is on the rise for a reason: it works. People love to watch videos on their phones, lap tops, and mobile devices. Making sure that it is your video they are watching can drive these potential customers into your business.

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