Tips For Developing A Strong Non-Profit Board

Are you currently serving as a Director on a non-profit board, or would you like to? Are you the Executive Director of a non-profit organization? If so, follow these suggestions from the professionals for building and developing a strong and effective Board of Directors.

Team Meeting In Creative Office

Team Meeting In Creative Office

Depending on the nature and goals of a non-profit, each board member under consideration should meet at least one of the following profiles:

  1. An individual who is well connected in the community and able to engage other community leaders and non-profits in fulfilling the mission of the board under consideration.

  2. An individual who is able to assist in the development and fund raising objectives of the non-profit in question.

  3. An individual who is committed to assisting in the organization and implementation of the board objectives in conjunction with the non-profit Executive Director and relevant staff.

Every board member under consideration should have demonstrated a commitment to the mission and goals of the non-profit as well as proven leadership and strategic development skills. Simply stacking a board with friends and well -known names may bode well in the short term, but will ultimately undermine the long term viability and stability of the organization. But if that’s the case, then the board members and managers must compulsorily take up leadership training for managers, as doing so will ensure a bright future for the company. 

A nominating committee should be formed and the board recruitment goals should be a year round endeavor. When approaching potential board members it’s crucial for both the organization and prospect that they are fully informed of the goals and mission of the non-profit as well as the expectations of board members. Prior to making a formal ask for service, engage the prospect in one or more functions held by the non-profit as well as a meeting with the Executive Director and Board Chair.

Membership and service recognition are key components of displaying appreciation for service by board members. Present outgoing board members who have completed their terms and opted not to continue service with a framed certificate of appreciation for service.

Following these guidelines will set the foundation for a Board of Directors that can help steer and grown a non-profit to fulfilling its mission. Best of luck!

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