The Benefits of Remote Assistance

Anyone who has ever sat down in front of a computer screen, held a mobile phone or tried to find a specific show to watch on a television has experienced some kind of digital dilemma which has left them utterly baffled. Whether it’s because the machine has frozen, they don’t know where to find something or because a device needs topping up with paper or ink in the case of a printer, sometimes we all need a little help to get us up and running – a bit like calling a breakdown company to get the car going again from the side of the road.


The people who are tasked with fixing our problems are often the unsung heroes of the business, the people regularly undervalued and overlooked because we don’t have the same level of interaction with them as we do with those working on the same bank of desks, the same team or even the same floor of the building in some larger company cases.


In other instances, they might not even work in the same company, instead they are at another agency working in another building, city, even country; tasked with trying to diagnose and rectify our issues remotely over the Internet. offer a remote help desk package as part of their IT management software which enables any business using their package to ask for the help of technicians whenever an issue might arise and the person on the help desk will be able to see the query on their desktop and assign a level of priority to the task before trying to establish how to resolve the problem.


So you now know what remote assistance is, and why it can be really useful to have in your armoury should something go wrong. However, you still might be undecided on the actual benefits, especially if your current method of getting the office ‘know-it-all’ to fix things is your chosen method. Well, here are some key benefits to getting your IT support through remote assistance:


Efficiency. Nobody likes downtime and in business that word is like swearing – it’s a no no. If your computer freezes or you lose something, having called for remote assistance you may be waiting around until help arrives but you would be able to continue with other tasks around the office, even working on someone else’s computer. You also know that the support you’ll be receiving will arrive faster than waiting for an external assistant to drive to your location or even for the in-house assistant to get to you because they might be working on another issue somewhere else in the office.


Cost-Effective. You’re not having to pay for full-time support from an in-house employee which means you are saving money by only paying for your subscription to the remote help desk or as and when you need assistance (depending on your provider and the package). Also, you don’t have to worry about holidays and sick pay which could leave you paying for support that isn’t there.


Time. We’ve already covered the fact that issues can be resolved quickly, but they can also be resolved 24/7. With workers able to work from anywhere, they can pick up the issues and aim to resolve them electronically at any time of day via phone or email wherever possible.


Locations. Just because your staff are out of the office doesn’t mean that they are beyond help. If they have your remote assistance package installed on their laptops or tablets, they can call for help even if they’re on the train to a meeting or sat in a hotel room during a conference.

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