Home Office Essentials – What Do You Need?

Working from home is becoming increasingly popular due to the savings it creates; not only do you not have to travel to go to work, but any company that operates a work from home option saves money on their overheads. If you have a spare room that you can use rather than a corner of your lounge or bedroom, then you might want to consider furnishing it with some essential items. Here you will find a few of these to help you on your way. Royalty free photo Office Furniture A good computer Read more [...]

How to Fund Expensive IT Equipment Purchases

IT equipment can be a big investment for small businesses, particularly when they don’t have much working capital available. In the beginning you might be able to manage with an old desktop computer or laptop, plus a printer, but as your business grows your requirements will also grow. Also, once you start taking on new employees they will also need equipment. All these things cost money, so what is the best way to fund the purchase? Lease or Buy? You might be tempted to lease equipment instead Read more [...]