I think I have this room booked?

If you’ve ever worked in an office of any size you will appreciate that meeting rooms are a rare and precious resource. Whatever sort of business you might be working in, you are going to want to have meetings. Whether that’s internal meetings with members of your team or organization, or external meetings with prospects, clients, suppliers, or stakeholders. Unless you want the rest of the world to know your business, you are probably going to want to hold your meeting in a meeting room. Given Read more [...]

Social Media triggers Travel Trends in Times of Crisis

What started in Greece in 2010 with a national debt has spread over the last three years like an insidious disease, and has since become the European debt crisis. Firstly, Ireland became infected, followed by Portugal, Italy, Spain, and more recently, France. Unfortunately, the virus of the debt crisis remains undefeated and still challenges the EU.  Spain and France also suffer from the highest youth unemployment rates in Europe - symptoms which complicate their way out of the crisis disease. Read more [...]