Security Challenges facing the Telco Cloud

Many telecommunications companies are now offering cloud services to their customers, including operators, businesses, and consumers. Storing files and applications in the cloud carries a number of potential benefits, but one concern that has arisen is the issue of security. Unlike closed local systems, where the perimeters can be secured, cloud computing is constantly shifting and changing. As a result, security approaches need to be tweaked in order to protect data. Here are a few of the main challenges Read more [...]

Cloud Web Hosting – Business Benefits

The hype surrounding the cloud web hosting hasn’t decreased for the last couple of years. The popularity of online services continues to grow and traditional servers increasingly become a restriction for every business seeking to improve their online services. Traditional servers have many drawbacks in comparison to cloud web hosting. These are primarily seen in massive hardware requirements that may negatively affect company’s business processes. Additionally, they require significant deal of Read more [...]