Studying the Features and Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes

61133Want to quit smoking and have not yet been able to master up the ability to live without it? Well, with electronic cigarettes you can actually make sure that you keep yourself healthy, while you still enjoy smoking. For over half a decade electronic cigarettes have been in existence and the best thing about them is that they offer the smokers with a healthier alternative. In several cases, these cigarettes have actually helped people to bring the number of cigarettes they consume daily and eventually bid adieu to the habit.

Evolution of E-Cigarettes

Just like every single product that men use has undergone evolution with time, to fit into man’s needs, same has been the case with electronic cigarettes. Previously these cigarettes were a bit too large and hence had problems becoming popular amongst the smokers. Later, came the ‘mini’ version of the e-cigarettes, which are by far the most convenient form of these cigarettes, as it had the 100mm length of conventional cigarettes.

Similarities and Differences with Normal Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are similar to the normal ones, as far as the taste of tobacco is concerned. However, they consist none of the harmful and toxin contents of tobacco. Thus, the smokers get to enjoy the taste without being affected by the toxins. However, many might come up with a natural question that whether this cigarette is actually a savior or not.

The Benefits

The electronic cigarette consists of a battery, a renewable nicotine chamber and an atomizer. The smoker gets to smoke these cigarettes just the normal he would smoke a conventional cigarette. These cigarettes even glow at the end when puffed and vapor like smoke is created. The utility of the nicotine chamber lies in the fact that cartridges are available in a wide variety of strengths. Thus, when a user wishes to reduce the amount of nicotine, he can always go for a cartridge with lesser strength. As a matter of fact, reducing the cartridge strength is the first step towards quitting smoking.

One nicotine cartridge will run for about the same time as 15 to 20 of conventional cigarettes. As a result, a considerable saving is ensured. Cartridge strengths vary from strong and medium to low or no nicotine. Also buying these cigarettes for wholesale saves another good amount.

Doesn’t it sound like a healthier way to enjoy smoking? There are even more to the list of benefits it offers. Since these products do not emit any toxic smoke as such, one is legally allowed to smoke them in the public. Now you won’t have to hesitate to smoke in a pub or on the streets in the cold winter.

Even the non smokers, who have always been worried about passive smoking, will also be benefitted. They will have no more worries, when people around them smoke e cigarettes. The environment, on the whole, becomes much more sociable.

On a concluding note it can be said that the growing popularity of electronic cigarettes owes largely to its features of being more affordable, healthier and eco-friendly. They not only prevent the smoker’s health from unwanted toxins, but they also keep the environment cleaner and healthier.

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