Metrics Your SEO Company Should Be Showing You Monthly

Improving the performance of your website requires an investment, but when you’re paying a local SEO agency to improve your rankings, you can’t just take your consultant’s word that the services are working. Hiring an agency to provide a set of specified services on a monthly basis may be the best way to improve rankings, but the agency that you hire must should you metrics on a monthly basis to show you just what you’re paying for. Here are the metrics, according to¬†Web Chimpy, that you should be seeing monthly and why these metrics matter:


Dashboard Metrics Your SEO Service Provider Shouldn’t Be Hiding From You


New Visitors vs. Returning Visitors

Page views may be important, but knowing how many of your visitors are new to your page versus how many of these visitors are returning is very important. When you’re comparing these numbers, you can determine how many visitors stumbled across your page and how many of these first-time visitors became loyal ones. You want loyal visitors, and if your SEO efforts aren’t earning you these loyalists you may need to revamp your efforts.


The Bounce Rate

A bounce rate is an important metric and this metric should never be overlooked. When you look at your bounce rate, you want to see a low number. This means that when visitors are directed to your landing page, they aren’t pressing the ‘x’ in the top corner of the page without visiting other webpages within the site. You want your visitors to navigate through your website. If visitors aren’t doing that, you’ll need more relevant content and a better design to improve SEO and justify paying for monthly local SEO pricing.


Traffic Source From Link Building

Link building is essential when you want to increase your traffic levels. If you want to measuring whether or not your SEO efforts are paying off, you’ll need to know where your traffic is coming from. This helps you and your local SEO service company come up with a strategy based on which sources are generating you traffic.


Time on the Website

Is your website keeping your visitors engaged? While SEO focuses on designing a website that’s search engine friendly, if the time on site is low then your site isn’t people friendly. If the time on the site low, the person that was attracted to your website isn’t finding what they’re looking for.


There are a ton of metrics that can show you whether or not visitors are finding and interacting with your page. Make sure the company you hire is willing to show you the numbers. If the company is hiding these numbers, you may want to consider a company that can deliver on its promises and show you the proof.

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