It’s All About The SEO: Making Your Website Pop

There are many secrets out there when it comes to creating a website that people go to for whatever they need, whether it’s news or for a specific product. OK, so maybe not all of them are secrets since it’s easy to just get online and look up how to make your website great.

However, it seems like every year the rules change, even if just a little bit. According to a recent blog post on Supple Solutions, who specialize in internet marketing, there are some new trends in SEO this year. Whether you are a trend setter or a trend follower doesn’t matter when it comes to SEO. If you follow the rules, each time they are update, you have just as good a chance as the next guy to be on Google’s front page.

New or not, here are a few of the things you should pay attention to when it comes to SEO.

Your Website

When you’ve discovered the keywords and phrases that work best for your website, whether you’re selling a product or a service, you want to make sure they appear on each page of your website. Let’s say you run a doggy day care. You know a lot of people search that particular term, so make sure you have it on each page. Once towards the top and once toward the bottom, and maybe even have one in between, depending on how much information you have on that page.

You may use more than one keyword or term. Move them around some. Use one as your main one that works as above, then intersperse others throughout, maybe one every hundred words or so. Make sure that they make sense and that you are sharing information that people will find useful.

Your Blog

Your blog gives you a place to share your keywords and phrases even more. It also allows you to experiment with other keywords that may be trending and that also work with your business or service. The key to making a blog work to draw people via SEO is to make sure that you are sharing useful information that is readable and shareable.

Social Media

Use your keywords on your business social media accounts as well, as they work as search engines also. Plus, the more of your website links and blog posts you share on social media the more people will see them, and hopefully share them with others. Social media is a great way to get people to notice you and what you offer as a business or a professional. It also lets you get closer to your fans and gives them more confidence in your brand. The lesson here is to always keep abreast of the changes when it comes to SEO and adopt them so that you can always keep moving towards the top.

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