Is Android the biggest trend in mobile phone technology?

What was originally thought of as a bit of competition for Apples iOS, Android technology has now become the most commonly chosen mobile phone system around the world, with even more exciting developments on the way.

When it comes to smartphone technology, the Android operating system is definitely leading the way, with research undertaken during early 2013 seeing Android take a 58% share of the market. They have become a popular choice around the world too, thanks to being run across more than just one make of phone. In fact all the big names in mobile phone providers, such as Samsung, HTC, Song Ericsson and LG offer Android as their operating system of choice.

What is Android?
Many people talk about Android phones, but actually they aren’t a phone at all, they are in fact the technology that powers the phone   the operating system. The Android system has been developed by the experts at Google, which could explain its popularity as it benefits from having access to loads of great Google applications such as Gmail and Google Maps to name but a few.
Why choose an Android phone?
Like most mobile phones, Android based models offer access to thousands of great apps which are all quickly and easily downloadable from the Android Market. All the popular games and apps are now made for Android as standard and most of them are priced extremely reasonably, or even free.

Android phones are known for being really easy to navigate which makes doing daily tasks easier. They also offer good security options and high quality media supportive formats such as audio, video and still images. You will also get handy features like 3G, Bluetooth, WiFi and GPS navigation as standard regardless of the model you choose. Thanks to the integrated advanced technology used by Android, users get guaranteed power and speed, enabling them to have various applications running at once without any faltering between switching apps.

Other popular features include the Android Notifications capabilities, meaning that Android phones will keep users up to date with everything that interests them and won’t let them miss a thing. Android phones also automatically update themselves, so you get the latest editions of apps without lifting a finger. The latest models can also offer a large amount of memory storage, which is helpful in these days of social networking.

Plans for the future?
Despite taking the mobile phone market by storm it seems Android won’t be resting on their laurels over the next year to two either. There is already talk about a number of advancements in the Android offering including the development of bigger screen technology, inspired by the popularity of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with its large 5.5inch touch screen. There is also talk of introducing more user friendly customisable home screens, which will let users have their home screen exactly the way they want it, rather than the way the provider wants them to.

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