Importance Of SEO Post Penguin 2.0

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Google is a search engine that has tremendous popularity. Ranking high on Google can work wonders for your business. Google from time to time tweaks its algorithm to improve user experience. Whenever the tweaks are done you need to change your strategy for ranking on Google. There has been a major update called Penguin 2.0 recently and this has impacted many websites around the world. To keep up with this major update you need to be in tune with the latest search engine optimization strategies.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has become even more important post the Penguin 2.0 update. Earlier anybody could get back links for a particular keyword with the help of search volume checker, the more number of links the better the chances of ranking. But with the main target of this new update being web spam, this strategy has gone down the drain. However, SEO is not dead. All you need to do is realize what Google is telling us to do. Google understands the importance of SEO and they are providing the guidelines to follow to get best results.


The first thing that you need to do is to diversify your anchor text. The Google update says do not link to a particular keyword, use related keywords, bare URL’s, sentences, phrases that are not specific to that subject etc. So if you create ten back links only 2 should link to your primary keyword. The next thing is you should be active on social media and link all your social media profiles to Google+. This will ensure that you become an authority on your subject.

Last but the most important aspect is to create quality content. If you have great content it will become an authority website over time. So make sure that your content is great because of somebody links back to you they should be happy that they are linking to a good website. If your website looks and feels spammy then there is no point in trying SEO strategies.

SEO companies like are advocating link audits. Link audits means checking if your links are good or whether they are from bad websites, whether they are in bad neighborhoods or whether you have paid links etc. If they are, then it is advised that you ask them to remove your links or at the least make the links nofollow. Once you have done this then you can disavow links too and start rebuilding links and over time you can start to rank well.

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