How To Make Auto Repair Shop Customers Come Back – Marketing Tips

There are hundreds of thousands of auto repair shops in the US alone. This means the competition is huge. It is really important to do all that is needed to maintain a loyal customer base if you want to be successful with such a business.

Unfortunately, it is really easy to lose customers in this industry. One wrong repair job or a better deal from the competition and you lost customers. Fortunately, there are different marketing strategies and techniques that can help increase customer retention for auto repair shops. Pickering Auto Service shares the best strategies they used in the past to increase customer loyalty.

Create A Car Advice Blog

Nowadays, every single business needs a website. Since you are building one anyway, why not add a blog to it. This helps to have fresh content present on the site at all times and also gives you the huge advantage of showing your expertise.

The trick is to create content that is really valuable for people that are most likely interested in your services. Since we are talking about an auto repair shop, anything related to car maintenance and repairs can work.

When people find really high value on your blog, they do remember your name and they will keep coming back. Some might even subscribe to the programs that you run to increase your client base.

Social Media

Social media is a widely underused tool that auto repair shops have access to. This is mainly because of not knowing how to properly use this promotion channel.

The trick with using social media is to entice people that follow you to come back to the shop for future repairs. This is why you can consistently post different special offers and coupons. These are highly effective for car maintenance tasks.

Besides coupon codes and special deals, you can also share blog content, customer testimonials and helpful car maintenance recommendations.

Customer Referrals

To put it as simple as possible, your customers are your best referrals. If they are happy with the work done at your repair shop, they will recommend you to their friends and family. However, if there is someone else that offers them an incentive to do something else, they might do that. This is why customer referral programs are quite important to keep customer loyalty high.

Customer Loyalty Programs

People always like receiving free stuff. That is why loyalty programs are pretty effective for auto repair shops. Something as simple as earning a free oil change when some services are used shows appreciation and customers love it.

You can always find ways to reward the customers you have. You can go for punch cards that offer the already mentioned free oil change after 5 paid ones happened. It is also possible to build a very sophisticated system based on points in which bonuses are earned after a specific amount of money was spend in your shop.

Loyalty programs are very effective as they offer a clear incentive for the customer to keep going to your auto repair shop for all follow-ups and future repairs. You get a lot more business over time with such a program.

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