How File Sharing Makes Running A Business Easier

If you are running a business, you should recognize how you can use file sharing to make your business run smoothly. File sharing is easy, convenient, and provides your business with flexibility it may never had had before.

Many businesses use Citrix ShareFile to quickly and easily share files with employees all across the board. Using Citrix ShareFile is as easy as accessing the Internet. This file sharing program can run on desktop and laptop computers as well as mobile devices.


The Benefits of Using File Sharing

File sharing allows your business to easily set up files that any employee can access from any Internet connected computer. Folders can be set up in order to hold groups of files that can be password protected if you feel this is necessary. If you use Citrix ShareFile for your file sharing needs, which you should, you can easily integrate it with the software programs your company always uses. In fact, so beneficial is file sharing that an interviewee could just be interviewed virtually. The company can provide the details of the file sharing software to the interviewee and they can send the recruiter all documents and even background checks (available from through the software. You will also have the ability to upload files as large as 10 GB. Citrix provides you with a dedicated account manager that can help you get the program set up and offer you continuing assistance when you need it.

When you send a file to a client, you will be able to use Citrix to receive email and tracking alerts when your client actually receives the file. This makes running your business much easier because you will know exactly when your client gets the file you sent.

Folder permissions will give you the peace of mind of knowing that your employees can only access the files you want them to be able to access. This is especially helpful if you run a large business with many offices scattered throughout the country.

With many file sharing programs you have to launch your browser in order to use them. The beauty of using Citrix ShareFile instead is that you will receive a desktop widget that you can use to access the file sharing services without the use of a browser. The desktop widget makes it possible for you to upload and download files as well as delete them. If you use Outlook for your business email, you will be thrilled to know that Citrix offers an Outlook plugin that allows you to send files to others and even to request files from your employees or clients.

You will never have to worry about backing up your data with Citrix ShareFile, because it will sync your file sharing folders with your computer, resulting in automatic backup and automatic updates of all your important data. The company’s mobile tools allow you to do everything you would do at your office, even if you are sitting in an airport or another location. This makes it incredibly easy to run your business while you are on travel.

File sharing will make running your business so much easier that you will wonder what you ever did before you had the ability to easily share files with your employees and clients.

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