Great Tools For Your Youtube Videos

Most of us know that YouTube is considered one of the primary sources for anyone searching out a wide range of unique video content and the fact that there are at least one million unique visitors to the site each month, confirms its status as the go-to place to launch your video content.

If you are trying to get your video in front of a large audience or even to go viral, it has to do something special like make people laugh, cry or smile. It also has to be well presented and have a professional feel to it, as you get about 15 seconds to make an impact before click away from the content.

This infographic takes a look at all of the tools at your disposal when you use YouTube Toolbox, which is a free resource that comes with your YouTube user account , so that you can create a slick and professional video using features like capture and background music to make your content really stand out from the crowd.

Savvy business owners know that YouTube toolbox can help direct viewers to their website by using the annotations feature to embed links that directs viewers to your site, which is a tactic that has generated some impressive spikes in views and subscriptions.

YouTube viewers are watching an incredible 6 billion hours of video each month, so it makes a lot of sense to use the Toolbox feature to try and grab some of that audience for your video content.



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