Flair4IT Discusses Windows 10 Uptake

Bristol-based IT Company Flair4IT has released new information on the uptake of Windows 10. The latest operating platform is gathering a lot of attention, with some people hailing it as the best thing since sliced bread, and others calling it the greatest security threat to personal data to date. Windows have cleverly included an automatic update facility for people on older platforms, which may be increasing the uptake. Overall, however, it seems that Windows 10 is not winning any popularity contests yet.

Flair4IT, an IT company with headquarters in Bristol, has released new information on how Windows 10 is doing since its original release. They decided to study the platform after Microsoft decided to not share any data about the overall distribution of the new operating system by not providing any related figures. At present, Microsoft has released a statement to say that some 14 million devices are now running on Windows 10, but some are questioning the validity of this statement, as there is no data to back it up.

Flair 4 IT spent a considerable amount of time talking to people about their experiences. Overall, it was found that most people only signed up to the new operating system because they were offered a free upgrade automatically. However, they also found that they did not have any official figures available, which made it impossible to truly compare how the new platform compares to previous versions in terms of performance.

However, Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President for Windows and Devices, Yusuf Mehdi, suddenly started Tweeting about the operating system. It seems the Windows seal has been broken, and details are now finally being released. Mehdi stated that some 75 million devices were running on Windows 10 just one month after it was launch.

Flair4IT compared this to previous licenses. In the first six months after the launch of Windows 7, some 100 million licenses were sold. The same is true for Windows 8. If the statistics released by Mehdi are correct, therefore, Windows 10 will do much better than previous versions. However, Flair4IT warned that the big difference is that Windows 10 is offered as a free upgrade, whereas the two previous operating platforms were only offered at a discount. The free offer is clearly giving the new platform a head start and this may just mean that usage figures will continue to rise, outperforming Windows 7 and 8.

Mehdi also Tweeted to state that application downloads in Windows Store were up 600% on Windows 10 devices compared to Windows 8. However, he did not state whether this was relating to all of Windows 8, or only one of the two versions.

Tim Peters from Flair4IT said: “Clearly, people on Windows 10 are more inclined to use the Store. This is interesting, because there is almost no difference in the types and numbers of apps that are actually offered in the store, so we don’t know why this has happened.”

He added:

The store on Windows 10 has been redesigned, so maybe that is why people like it more. It makes the apps look a bit more high quality, in essence.”

Flair4IT did uncover a number of other ‘fun facts’:

  • 192 countries now run Windows 10.
  • Some 90,000 tablets and PCs have upgraded to Windows 10.
  • Some of these devices date back to 2007.
  • On Windows 10 edition of Minecraft and Microsoft Solitaire Collection, 10 million achievements have already been unlocked.
  • Cortana has already told over 500,000 jokes when prompted to ‘tell me a joke’.
  • The global partner slot that is up for grabs in ‘UpgradeYourWorld’ is being fought over by more than 2,000 organizations.

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