Coworking and SEO Benefits for Your Small Biz

The trend of coworking is hot, and as the recent statistics show, isn’t going anywhere. By 2020, it’s predicted that 40 percent of the workforce will be evacuating the cubicle jungle for more remote positions, such as solopreneurs, freelancers, and telecommuters.  A whopping 64 percent of the workers polled reported that they were able to complete tasks more efficiently and 70 percent of folks said that coworking spaces made them feel healthier than a traditional office setting.

If you’re a small business owner, you’re probably well aware of the coworking trend. In your role, you probably are asked to wear many hats, including graphics designer, customer service rep, and marketer. But sometimes, you simply do not have the skills required to help your business develop a wide reach to audiences on the internet. This is why SEO is also vitally important for small companies. Here are how both SEO and coworking can help your biz, and how they are also tied together.

SEO Benefits

You don’t have to try and find office space or hire a marketing team to give your SEO campaign a boost. Within coworking spaces, there are tons of people that are specialists in their own projects, including SEO/SEM and content marketing.

SEO is extremely important for your business because it helps to get the word out there to new potential customers. If a person in your town is searching for your type of business in the area, it’s critical that your company pops up doing the search results. If you don’t know proper SEO techniques, you can probably find somebody who also shares the same coworking space to help you out.

Numerous coworking spaces also host tons of events and workshops linked to online marketing. See if your office is featuring an SEO workshop and make sure to attend.

Benefits of Working Together

Coworking offers tons of benefits that can be lost on a home office or standard cube-farm. Not only does it allow you to avoid isolation and better your health through regular interaction with friends and colleagues, but it also provides economic stimulation on a local level.

Personal Velocity

Not only does coworking help the community, but it helps individuals. As an entrepreneur, your time is precious – so saving minutes when you can is essential. Coworking not only limits the commute, but also saves you time trying to find new colleagues to collaborate with and resources to utilize. You can save time by learning about new apps and good business practices from your peers at your coworking space. Coworking spaces also have their thumb on the pulse of the goings-on in your local city or town, enabling you to instantly become part of a group that is “in the know” about happenings, events, and news.

Coworking is only projected to grow as more and more of the workforce becomes remote. Isn’t it time you consider coworking?

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