Simple Gradient Overlay With Google Flutter

Today we shall lead you to step by step through the process of simple gradient overlaying by means of the Flutter technology. However, before getting down to the procedures let’s start from the very beginning, so first things first… What a gradient actually means A gradient represents a particular instrument for adding depth, volume, and three-dimensionality to a certain design. When applying flat colors, an image doesn’t look as good as it could, and a gradient is the one to provide designers Read more [...]

What is WHMCS and How to Use it?

WHMCS is an automation platform that makes it simpler for you to manage your web hosting and domain registry business. This tool is very useful for all those in reseller hosting business. Main features With the WHMCS platform, you can do the following: Automate your recurring billing business Automatically create accounts, suspend them and later terminate the policy violating accounts With the help of the latest WHMCS platform, you can raise support tickets, and create a knowledge Read more [...]

4 Concrete Tech Solutions to Speed up Your Sales

Considering the current level of market saturation in many different industries, automation of processes within is the only way for a business to become a valid competitor in its niche. Chances are that you’re surrounded with companies that have a similar offer as you; for you to stand out in the eyes of your audience, your sales need to be mechanized and effective. Therefore, you need to turn to software. The internet is overflowing with different solutions for automation, which is why you need Read more [...]

Great Tools For Your Youtube Videos

Most of us know that YouTube is considered one of the primary sources for anyone searching out a wide range of unique video content and the fact that there are at least one million unique visitors to the site each month, confirms its status as the go-to place to launch your video content. If you are trying to get your video in front of a large audience or even to go viral, it has to do something special like make people laugh, cry or smile. It also has to be well presented and have a professional Read more [...]

Excellent Deals On Shopping Cart Software

If you've recently established your own company website on the Internet, it's time to move on to the next level. Millions of people have the ability to see your website and learn about the goods and services that you can offer them. But what about enabling these millions of potential customers to actually purchase your goods directly over the Internet?  You've Got To Get Competitive If your website isn't equipped with online shopping cart software, you've got a serious problem on your hands. Read more [...]

How to Make Sense of Antivirus Software Reviews

A quick look online will reveal thousands of antivirus software reviews. It seems that everybody has some sort of opinion to share when it comes to these packages, and they want the world to know about their opinion. The problem is, however, that the various reviews that are out there often seem highly conflicting in nature. Not everybody can be right, of course, but how do you know which one you should believe? Unfortunately, it is very difficult to make a real comparison with so much information Read more [...]

Benefits of Business Cloud Accounting Software

Out with the old and in with the new. Technology is grabbing the bull by the horns and throwing the status quo to the side. While older accounting software may at one time have been cutting edge, today’s fast paced economy demands more. From studying accounting book summaries to training workshops, as an online associate in account software, you can help small businesses, large organizations and government agencies through the utilization of cloud accounting software. What is Cloud Accounting Read more [...]

Are You Doing Enough To Secure Your Business Software?

Owning a business is tough, and there are plenty of issues that you need to worry about. One of your top priorities, however, should be the security of your business. Are you doing enough to make sure that your business information does not fall into the wrong hands? Being hacked is a big problem, and you should take crucial steps to prevent it from happening. There are preventative measures available, and here are some of them. Security hardware and software. In a technology-driven world, crimes Read more [...]

The Perks of Using a Dedicated Server

Using a dedicated server allows you complete control over the server because it is dedicated solely to you. You do not have to worry about sharing hardware, limited memory space, and bandwidth speed. Since you are running on your own server, all of the same things are available with pretty much no limitations. Dedicated For Large Businesses There is no denying that there is a lot of business to be made over the internet. Larger businesses really benefit from using a hosting company renting Read more [...]

Run Down of 6 Popular WordPress Plugins

As a WordPress user, you always have to look for tools to set your site apart. With plugins you can customise and easily change up your site. If you do not want to have to come up with these changes, using plugins will help you; so, if you are looking for the best plugins to use with your site, there are a few that you should try, for easy setup and use, and the easy modification and changes you want to make. Akismet If you have ever had spammers or trolls leave comments, you no longer have Read more [...]