Flair4IT Discusses Windows 10 Uptake

Bristol-based IT Company Flair4IT has released new information on the uptake of Windows 10. The latest operating platform is gathering a lot of attention, with some people hailing it as the best thing since sliced bread, and others calling it the greatest security threat to personal data to date. Windows have cleverly included an automatic update facility for people on older platforms, which may be increasing the uptake. Overall, however, it seems that Windows 10 is not winning any popularity contests Read more [...]

Top 3 Must-Track Website Metrics For Every Business

When it comes to owning and operating a business, a huge portion of your time is spent tracking and calculating the effectiveness of certain decisions. Fromtracking employee time to ensuring budgets are being kept to, there are metrics to be aware of in every aspect of your business, and this is especially true where your website is concerned.   If you’re using an analytics system like Google Analytics to help track how your website is doing, you can get really overwhelmed with the amount Read more [...]

Great Tools For Your Youtube Videos

Most of us know that YouTube is considered one of the primary sources for anyone searching out a wide range of unique video content and the fact that there are at least one million unique visitors to the site each month, confirms its status as the go-to place to launch your video content. If you are trying to get your video in front of a large audience or even to go viral, it has to do something special like make people laugh, cry or smile. It also has to be well presented and have a professional Read more [...]

Reasons why open source software is best for your business organization

With the increasingly large number of government organizations and businesses that use open source software like Linux, it is more than clear that its price is not the only advantage of this software. If you are of the notion that companies took to open source during the Great Recession, they would have switched over to the more expensive ones by now. Rather it is true that free and open source software indeed has some advantages for the businesses and some are even more precious than the low and Read more [...]

Web load testing – What are the most valid reasons behind this?

Are you someone who is recently launching a new web start-up? If answered yes and if you’re not sure whether or not the current server setup can cope with the heavy traffic load, what you need to do is web load testing. With effective web load testing, you can easily simulate the traffic burden just as if it was real. If you still don’t know why you need to perform web load testing, the concerns of this article will help you out. Here are some possible reasons to perform web load testing. Determine Read more [...]

Achieve Twitter Marketing Effectively And Make Your Brand Prosper

Twitter has turned out to be the most prevalent social media sites across the internet. Very recently, it has achieved 8th position among the most visited website released by alexa.com. People in million numbers use twitter to get shared and connected, sending billion tweets every day. The significance for twitter is not just because of the absolute amount of publicity that one can gain in its domain, but also due to the way search engines consider social media. In fact, social media sites won top Read more [...]
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Tapping into the Creative Consciousness: Discovering and Downloading Public Domain Materials

The only problem with file sharing and “free content” is that everything you could ever want to share and download is illegal (copyright protected and not authorized for free sharing), right? Not so fast. There’s actually a lot of interesting content out there that isn’t protected by copyright, or is licensed under terms that allow free sharing, that most people don’t know about. Here’s how to find it. Finding Classics On Project Gutenberg Roughly 90 percent of all books published Read more [...]

3 Ways to Nurse Your Online Brand Reputation Back to Health

So, you’ve had a bad online experience for your business that either has already or could at some future time negatively impact your company’s reputation—welcome to the club! Almost every business who has an online presence, and most who don’t too, will at one point or another need to do some extent of damage control with regards to their brand. And while the situation you’re in may make you feel like Chicken Little, there are some very effective brand management tactics you can use to Read more [...]
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3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Brick and Mortar Store’s Website

If your business requires people to come into your store to make a purchase, you may think that having a user-friendly and high functioning website isn’t that important. However, with so many people doing research about businesses and companies online prior to making purchases in-store regardless of the product, you could be losing out on a large number of customers by neglecting your website.   To help you make the most of your website for your brick and mortar store, here are three simple Read more [...]

Are You A Renter? Here Are Two Things You Can Do Online To Make Living Easier

People that rent their homes, or apartments, have a few responsibilities that come along with renting, although not as many as the people that have home ownership. If you’re renting and the hot water heater explodes it’s your landlord’s job to get it fixed, but if you tear up the new carpet they put in then it just may be your responsibility to take care of it. According to Green Residential, a property management company, there are ways that you can make your rental carpet last longer, thus Read more [...]