Tips For Developing A Strong Non-Profit Board

Are you currently serving as a Director on a non-profit board, or would you like to? Are you the Executive Director of a non-profit organization? If so, follow these suggestions from the professionals for building and developing a strong and effective Board of Directors. Depending on the nature and goals of a non-profit, each board member under consideration should meet at least one of the following profiles: An individual who is well connected in the community and able to engage Read more [...]
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How Social Media Increases Your Professionalism

You’ve probably read many articles on the importance of social media when it comes to businesses. You’ve learned that it’s a great way to attract people to your website and your blog. You’ve also probably learned that it can help you convert readers and fans into buyers and clients.   But how does social media work such miracles? It’s all about using the sites to build your brand, help people trust you, and create a professional vision of your business.   LinkedIN For The Read more [...]

How to Ensure Your Business Mobile is Secure

As a business owner or manager, your business smartphone is probably always in your hand, pocket, bag or at least very close by. Your business smartphone will contain a lot of essential information and apps to enable the smooth running of your business, and it’s crucial for staying in contact with essential business contacts such as clients, customers, suppliers, staff and more. What would you do if anything happened to your business smartphone? The thought probably doesn’t even bear thinking Read more [...]

I think I have this room booked?

If you’ve ever worked in an office of any size you will appreciate that meeting rooms are a rare and precious resource. Whatever sort of business you might be working in, you are going to want to have meetings. Whether that’s internal meetings with members of your team or organization, or external meetings with prospects, clients, suppliers, or stakeholders. Unless you want the rest of the world to know your business, you are probably going to want to hold your meeting in a meeting room. Given Read more [...]

Four Things Your Business Should Consider To Make Work Life Easier

Businesses are continually growing and changing, much the same way that the way they do business grows and changes. Those changes mean growth and advancement. And, if you fail to make those changes, it means you may get left in the dust. Think about when there were only a few key businesses that were online, and then look at how many are strictly online and don’t even have a brick and mortar presence, like Amazon. This is just one case in which change made a huge impact. This article is more Read more [...]

Home Office Essentials – What Do You Need?

Working from home is becoming increasingly popular due to the savings it creates; not only do you not have to travel to go to work, but any company that operates a work from home option saves money on their overheads. If you have a spare room that you can use rather than a corner of your lounge or bedroom, then you might want to consider furnishing it with some essential items. Here you will find a few of these to help you on your way. Royalty free photo Office Furniture A good computer Read more [...]

Security Challenges facing the Telco Cloud

Many telecommunications companies are now offering cloud services to their customers, including operators, businesses, and consumers. Storing files and applications in the cloud carries a number of potential benefits, but one concern that has arisen is the issue of security. Unlike closed local systems, where the perimeters can be secured, cloud computing is constantly shifting and changing. As a result, security approaches need to be tweaked in order to protect data. Here are a few of the main challenges Read more [...]

Top Accounting and Invoicing Software for 2015

FreshBooks Review The online Accounting Software Review rates FreshBooks as one of the best accounting software for 2015, along with QuickBooks and Sage. With over five million clients using their accounting software to run their small business. FreshBooks offering a free trial makes it possible for business owners to experience the professional look of their invoices, time-tracking that is straightforward and hassle-free expenses. In addition, FreshBooks is known for outstanding customer service, Read more [...]

Giant Companies Have Marketing and Merger Decisions as Well

You may think that the world’s gigantic companies have it made. With bottom lines in the hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars, you figure they can pretty much do whatever they want when they sprawl the market that wide. But every business has to make marketing and merger decisions, no matter how big or small. So the next time you think that an industry has settled down into its boots, consider the following news and updates about computer application giants like Apple and IBM, cable Read more [...]

Are Your Invoices Doing Their Job Properly?

Are your invoices working properly for you or are you suffering stress and frustration from cashflow problems each month? By studying how and when your invoices are sent you can begin to determine some of the changes that need to take place to improve the timing of the payments coming into your business accounts. If you are continually experiencing a financial shortage, it’s time to examine your invoices to see where you can make modifications that will make them work for you more effectively. Invoice Read more [...]