Buy tech toys for your child at Christmas

toysBuying toys for children at Christmas is an investment that does not always get the best performance. You have to buy the best gifts for your child to see her smile.

During these days, families often spend an average of 15,000 USD for each child. But hurry, the crowds in the shops and the wide variety of products to the consumer often confused when making the choice.

Fads and advertising also influence parents and children at the time of ordering and purchasing products in many cases are inadequate, either because they do not meet minimum safety standards or because they lack the features for these objects to amuse, entertain and teach. Leapfrog toys at BIG W is a good choice for your child.

Knowing how many toys should buy, what type, what are the most successful in terms of age, and where you can go to get them, will help to make a smart purchase that will benefit children. YOUR MONEY has prepared this guide, assisted by specialists, for gifts to bring Santa Claus and / or Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar guess right with the likes of small, will help to boost their spirit and intelligence and preserve them from possible accidents. You could buy tech toys for Christmas.

Physical integrity

The first thing to think about is the child’s physical integrity. The anagram “CE” has traditionally ensured compliance with the requirements of US and European legislation on toy safety, but now sold in the market, especially in the hypermarket, Far East products that contained the counterfeit logo. It is, in general, cheaper items that do not comply with regulations.

The recommendation of the Association of Toy Manufacturers is to buy products made ​​in Europe, because they meet this legislation guaranteeing the safety of the items.

For example, the standard ensures that the toy can not easily shatter under normal use and its elements devoid of edges, burrs or sharp parts. In the case of textile items such as stuffed animals, should be fairly resistant to fire. In paintings that are used is essential that lack of toxic elements such as lead and cadmium, so that the child will not suffer intoxication if sucks the object.

During the battery operated toys or plugged into the network, the rule also responsible for checking that there are no cramps to users through high security measures.

Likewise, it is convenient to be acquired for age’s games recommended by the manufacturer. Above all we must be very careful with the children of the family, who run the risk of swallowing any small sized object.

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