Penguins? Pandas? What SEO Is and What It Means For You

These days, many people must think that Google is trying to create some sort of zoo. Every time you hear something about Google's search engine and updates to it, you hear the name of a different creature. If you own a website, then you should pay attention to any time you hear about Google releasing a new update named after one of these critters. The latest updates to the most used search engine in the world, Panda and Penguin, have demanded webmasters change the way they go about building their Read more [...]

Metrics Your SEO Company Should Be Showing You Monthly

Improving the performance of your website requires an investment, but when you're paying a local SEO agency to improve your rankings, you can't just take your consultant's word that the services are working. Hiring an agency to provide a set of specified services on a monthly basis may be the best way to improve rankings, but the agency that you hire must should you metrics on a monthly basis to show you just what you're paying for. Here are the metrics you should be seeing monthly and why these Read more [...]

3 Things You Should Never Risk With Your SEO Campaign

The field of SEO is constantly changing. As Google presents us with one update after another, we have to adjust to make sure our websites are not going to be penalized for one reason or another.   There is quite a bit to learn about content marketing and WordPress, and with everything you do it's essential to be aware of SEO strategies that currently work. With this in mind, let's take a look at 3 mistakes you should make sure you avoid when it comes to your SEO campaigns.   Poor Read more [...]