Are You A Renter? Here Are Two Things You Can Do Online To Make Living Easier

People that rent their homes, or apartments, have a few responsibilities that come along with renting, although not as many as the people that have home ownership. If you’re renting and the hot water heater explodes it’s your landlord’s job to get it fixed, but if you tear up the new carpet they put in then it just may be your responsibility to take care of it. According to Green Residential, a property management company, there are ways that you can make your rental carpet last longer, thus saving you money when it’s time to move out and get your deposit back.


While you can’t use the internet to keep your carpet safe, there are two great things that you can do with the internet that may save you money and may help protect you when it comes time to move out.


Keep Track of Fixes and Issues


Each time you call your landlord about something, enter it into a document online so that you can look back at it. The day the hot water heater exploded, what time did you call? How long did it take them to respond? What damages did they have you pay for? Who did you speak to and who fixed it? Did it damage any of your own items?


All of these things could be important if they try to take money from your deposit for any damages that happened during this. If you’ve tracked it you’ll have proof that the damages weren’t caused directly by you.


Do this even when you’re calling about clogged sinks or too many ants in the home. You really could save yourself from losing money this way and it only takes minutes to type up the information.


Keep Track of Your Expenses


If you are one of the lucky people that gets to enjoy working right from your own home, you may not realize that many of yourhome expenses count as business expenses as well. Even the money you pay into each month for rent may be partially used for taxes, you just have to have a specific place in your home designated for work.


Instead of just holding onto all of your receipts and then spending hours sorting through them at the end of the year, enter the amounts each month into a document online, you can use Word or better yet, use Google Docs so that it is accessible from anywhere. Keep track of supplies purchased for the home office, electric paid for and even your internet expenses.

Using your computer and the internet to help keep track of your everyday life has become normal for a lot of people and it’s likely those people have found it very useful. You’ll be more organized and maybe it will even have you stressing less when it comes time to move or do your taxes.

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