8 Things You Can Stop Paying For

8No matter how small the expense, in the end everything adds up, so if you find yourself short on money after paying your bills, it may be time to cut costs where you can. Some things you have may seem like necessities, but really aren’t. Below is a list of expenses that, surprisingly, people are still paying.

Cable – With so many gadgets out there like the iPad, Google Chromebook, game consoles, and tablets, you can get all the shows and/or movies you want from Hulu, Netflix, Channel Chooser, and more. If you absolutely cannot live without cable, choose the very basic package offered. You don’t need to pay extra money for extra channels you will never watch.

Landline Telephone – I’m not too sure why anyone would need a landline telephone anymore. Nowadays, every member of a family has a cell phone making a landline telephone unnecessary.

  The News – We do everything online, pay bills, shop, and catch up with friends, so why would getting your news be any different? There are news and blog sites that are completely free and provide the latest news.

Water – Along with doing the environment a favor, you will also be doing your wallet a favor by not buying bottled water! The only water you should be paying for is the one you shower and do laundry with. Tap water is usually regulated for safety, but if you don’t like the taste of tap, invest in a filter.

Fitness – You don’t have to pay to integrate cardio into your life. There are workout routines online, as well as workout videos, and the great outdoors!

Baby Food – When it comes to making your own baby food, there are more benefits other than saving money like fresher ingredients, fewer additives, and less exposure to pesticides.

Basic Tax Preparation – If you file a 1040-EZ, which is a basic tax return, there is no reason why you should be paying for a tax preparer. Tax preparation services such as Turbo Tax are easy to use and don’t take up much of your time. The 1040-EZ is also free to file.

Pets – When you adopt a pet, you are saving a life and money. Adopting a pet isn’t free, but it is much cheaper than buying a pet from a pet store. You would also be supporting good cause like the SPCA, which helps homeless animals.

What is something you would cut out of your life to save money?

Liz Torres Writes for CASH 1 Loans a non-traditional loans provider in Arizona and Nevada. Liz enjoys writing about the many ways to save money. You can find more of her blog posts on the CASH 1 Loans site.

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