6 Apps that Help You Stay Productive

With two million-plus apps currently available for PC, Android and Apple users, it should come as no surprise that the greatest challenge for app developers today is getting discovered by potential users. With the huge numbers of apps out there, there’s no question that there are far too many to sift through yourself. And they just keep coming.

The majority of app developers actually make little or no revenue from their efforts. In fact, a recent survey of more than 10,000 developers worldwide found that less than 2 percent of them are responsible for generating more than 50 percent of app revenues.

While this should be a sobering fact for upcoming app creators, they continue to work hard at bringing about new and novel ways to make life easier, more fun and, perhaps most importantly, more productive. With the widespread availability of internet on the go, along with applications capable of working on tablets, smart phones and PCs, it might be helpful to bring you a few examples of apps that can help you stay productive.

Evernote is a great way to help you remember everything that you care to remember, whether these are thoughts or ideas, images, lists, voice or text files and more. This free productivity app will even let you record meetings, speeches and interviews and to share any or all these files with others.

You can basically capture anything you see or hear and easily find them later using tags, keywords or printed text found within saved images. This application works with virtually any smart phone, personal computer or mobile device. Evernote will help you get organized with minimal effort as well as allow you to collect and recollect everything from one single workspace.

Dropbox is another free and well-known productivity app that allows you to transfer files from your computer to other devices. While there are numerous apps out there that let you do this type of operation, Dropboxseems to be the easiest to use. It exists as a folder on your desktop and, when you drag-and-drop a file into the folder it automatically appears on all of your connected devices.

You can also send files to a public folder accessible by others with the use of a downloaded link. The app is free and includes two gigs of storage, but you can earn additional storage as a reward for signing up other users. You can also buy extra storage if desired.

If you use an iPhone, there’s an app called CardMunch that will allow you to get rid of all the paper business cards you’re constantly collecting. With CardMunch, you simply take a photo of a business card and it’s automatically transformed into a contact on your phone. This is a free LinkedIn app. As information from a business card is added to your contact list you’ll also be shown LinkedIn profile info on that person and LinkedIn connections you have in common.

CloudOn is one of our favorites, enabling you to run Microsoft Office on your Android or iOS phone or tablet. The app is free and includes Word, Excel and PowerPoint. It also syncs with a variety of cloud services for easy document storage.

Another great, free app that works on both iOS and Android platforms is called Google Goggles. This app can be a real time saver as it lets you search for information on any item by simply snapping a photo of it with your phone. Whether it’s a book, a street sign, a piece of art or a product in a store, simply take a picture and Goggles will respond with information about the item.

Remember the Milk is a free productivity app that lets you manage all your tasks efficiently on all your various devices and provide reminders wherever you happen to be. This app also syncs with EverNote. Together, they will provide you with the best time management system.

Staying productive on the go can be difficult with the loads of information we take in every day. Luckily, there’s an app for that. Try a few apps that can help simplify your complex daily tasks.

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