3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Brick and Mortar Store’s Website

If your business requires people to come into your store to make a purchase, you may think that having a user-friendly and high functioning website isn’t that important. However, with so many people doing research about businesses and companies online prior to making purchases in-store regardless of the product, you could be losing out on a large number of customers by neglecting your website.


To help you make the most of your website for your brick and mortar store, here are three simple improvements you can make today that will help you have a more professional website, bringing more customers to your door.


1. Supply Your Information


For local searches, which is what you’ll be after if you have a brick and mortar store that you want people to visit, supplying your information is key. Matthew Narby, contributor to SearchEngineLand.com, states that local businesses need to have their information on every page of their website. This information should include your name, address and phone number at the very least.


Make sure this information is consistent on each page in order for the search engines to not get confused about where customers should go to find your or how they should contact you. By supplying this information on each and every page, you will create geographical awareness for your company, which is exactly what you want for a local business.


2. Showcase High-Quality Images and Videos


In the age of high resolution images and videos, it’s vital that your website keep up with the rest of the technology world by providing your visitors with photos and videos that are lighted correctly and connect with your customers. By taking the time and effort to ensure that you’re giving your visitors a good visual experience, your content and products will better resonate with your customers.


According to Rachel Sprung of HubSpot, a study done of Fortune 500 companies’ websites showed that 63 percent of them used high-quality images to connect with their visitors. To compete with this, you need to offer the same or better visual quality on your website.


3. Revamp Your Blog


According to SEO Chat, a well written and frequently updated blog can do wonders for your local search results. By writing a blog, especially if your competition doesn’t have one or has one that isn’t executed well, you can situate yourself as an authority on your specific industry. This will help you create relevancy for your website and assist in searchers finding your site when looking for information regarding the types of products or services you offer. If you started a blog but haven’t kept up with it, consider reinvigorating your blog to see improvements in your company’s growth.

Your website is like your virtual store, and you have to think of it that way in order to understand just how important having a good website can be in helping your brick and mortar business flourish. Try implementing these three simple website tips to help your local business grow by leaps and bounds. 

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