3 Information Security Trends Your Business Should Probably Know About

Every passing year cybercriminals become more and more adept and sophisticated at breaking into systems they shouldn’t otherwise have access to. For many business owners this is proving to be an increasing problem. Especially those who handle sensitive or private data that, when manipulated, could spell a possible death knell for the business.

That’s why information security is so essential. Not only to help ensure businesses stay protected in the face of increasing threats but also to help ensure customer details aren’t divulged or their details tampered with.

Wondering what the three current biggest trends in information security might be? Read on and understand how your business can help protect itself.


As the net becomes increasingly populated by activists, criminals and terrorists, each with their own specific motives, the trend to protect from attacks launched by cybercriminals is becoming important.

Those businesses that are best protected in regards to cybercrime are those that have been able to identify what types of information and data points they rely on most. Making further efforts to employ the latest technology to keep this information secure, many have resorted to building specific information security departments within their organisations to tackle any such risk.

Regulation and Data Privacy

Thankfully IT companies are keeping a firm finger on the pulse of information security trends impacting businesses new and old. Dell IT Security Solutions, for example, is making firm strides to tackle another big issue, “Privacy and regulation within organisations”.

With businesses now treating privacy as a business risk issue and a compliance issue, the risk of organisations suffering reputational damage and fleeing customers has been dramatically reduced. The fact that governments have now weighed in on the issue to impose penalties in the case of data loss and breach has also put extra pressure on businesses to get information security right.

Companies like Dell recognise this and work procedures into their solutions that effectively help a business minimise such risk.

Third Party Threats

The last biggest trend impacting information security that has the business world reeling? Threats made from third-party providers.

As businesses increase the range of software and IT solutions they implement in order to manage varying parts of their business and their relations with outside companies, the risk of being attacked via a third party is on the rise. Take for example American company Target, who were exploited via a web services application they used to submit invoices. Without a strong information security system in place the same situation could arise in similar third-party dependant businesses.

To combat this it is essential business owners have confidence in their information security strategies and understand what to do in case of attack. Staying informed as to the trends impacting security is one such way to keep on top of happenings in minimise the risk.

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