3 Great Tips to Improve Your Free Streaming Experience

Whatever your favorite service, streaming can be a pain in the neck.

In most cases, you get a fragmented HD experience, choppy, or a rough, unstable treatment. At best, you can get a stable picture but at crazily sluggish download speeds.

Part of the reason is that free streaming sites have hundreds of ads, malware, and lag, all of which contribute to a sloppy performance.

Well, the good news is that you don’t have to suffer until somebody comes around with some magic formula.

Rather, there are some small hacks that you can implement right now to get a vastly different picture.

Let’s take a moment and go through them;

  1. Use a VPN

One thing to keep in mind is that sometimes, ISPs throttle users’ bandwidth as a way of encouraging their users to subscribe for their costlier subscription plans- they’re in business anyway!

And this is where VPNs come in. VPNs can encrypt your traffic (preventing data theft) making it hard for the ISP to see your traffic or to view your activities online.

Thus, by streaming online with a VPN service, you deny your ISP a chance to slow down your connection meaning that you will achieve faster and consistent speeds.

On top of this, you can point your VPN connection to an optimized server, again contributing to better speeds when streaming content.

  1. Ad Blocker

Free streaming services generate revenues from publishing Ads from various platforms. While for them that’s lucrative news, for you it’s a cause of sorrow as the Ads mess your speeds leading to poor video.

Now, the best Ad blockers prevent these types of advertisements killing two birds with one stone.

One, Ad servers spy on what you are up to online and collect diverse personal information plus details on your habits.

They later sell this data to third parties or use it to serve even more focused ads.

Ad blockers stop this tracking so you’ll enjoy precious privacy.

Two, it means your internet is not being consumed by unwanted Ad programs so the bandwidth can be shifted to your streaming service; again improving the quality.

That’s because your ad blocker will halt the analytics code, images, and the code that facilitates online ads freeing up some bandwidth.

Outstanding Ad blockers include Incognito Adblocker, AdBlock Plus, and unblock.

  1. Anti-virus

A virus typically replicates and inserts copies of its code throughout your computer. Once this content infiltrates your machine, you will notice countless problems — including missing files, annoying pop-ups, unwanted app installations, and numerous web redirects.

Often, a virus will also make its presence known by slowing down your Internet performance making it a prime cause of faulty video streaming.

Having an updated and active anti-virus is not only vital for your computer’s overall hygiene – but also for quality internet downloads.

The anti-malware will be running critical background scans and ensuring that malware does not get a way through to come and mess your streaming service.

It will also monitor remote connection sites and if equipped with a firewall, block any potential new attacks on your system.


Whether on YouTube, Roku, Crackle, Tubi, Yahoo or any other free service, Video streaming can be notoriously sluggish and painful.

As we mentioned, this is partially caused by Ads, malware, and general lag.

But this doesn’t mean that you’re condemned to permanently suffer with poor picture.

Instead, try hacks such as installing a VPN service, a top quality anti-virus in addition to adding an Ad blocker to your browser.

That way, you will slowly notice a change and may help to eventually give you the video quality you deserve!

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