3 Ways to Nurse Your Online Brand Reputation Back to Health

So, you’ve had a bad online experience for your business that either has already or could at some future time negatively impact your company’s reputation—welcome to the club! Almost every business who has an online presence, and most who don’t too, will at one point or another need to do some extent of damage control with regards to their brand. And while the situation you’re in may make you feel like Chicken Little, there are some very effective brand management tactics you can use to Read more [...]

Telecommuting Jobs: Employers & Employees Working In Harmony

In this world, technology is constantly evolving, and so are the parameters of the employer’s relationship to their employees.  The traditional practice of spending forty hours a week in an office is slowly fading, and workers and employers alike are learning to embrace the benefits of telecommuting.  When you employ people and pay them adequately for their time, they will give you as much effort as you pay them for.  Telecommuting eliminates those expensive hours you end up paying your employees Read more [...]

Top Accounting and Invoicing Software for 2015

FreshBooks Review The online Accounting Software Review rates FreshBooks as one of the best accounting software for 2015, along with QuickBooks and Sage. With over five million clients using their accounting software to run their small business. FreshBooks offering a free trial makes it possible for business owners to experience the professional look of their invoices, time-tracking that is straightforward and hassle-free expenses. In addition, FreshBooks is known for outstanding customer service, Read more [...]

Giant Companies Have Marketing and Merger Decisions as Well

You may think that the world’s gigantic companies have it made. With bottom lines in the hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars, you figure they can pretty much do whatever they want when they sprawl the market that wide. But every business has to make marketing and merger decisions, no matter how big or small. So the next time you think that an industry has settled down into its boots, consider the following news and updates about computer application giants like Apple and IBM, cable Read more [...]