Different Components and Features of Hippa Compliant Network

When this kind of security system was first passed in 1996 by the U.S. congress it was considered quite revolutionary yet at the same time at utmost necessity of the hour. Privacy of patient’s data was not much stressed before but with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) this for the first time became a real issue in the health care sector. With years modifications and changes has made the hipaa compliant network a very strong one which entitles within it several hipaa Read more [...]

Asus Fonepad Brings Mobile Calls to the Tablet Form Factor

3G-capable tablets have been around since the iPad emerged in 2010, but actually making mobile calls from this type of device is not something that most manufacturers have pursued. Considering the sheer number of affordable pay as you go and pay monthly deals UK consumers have available, it makes sense to invest in a 3G-ready tablet that is able to take advantage of high-speed mobile data networks and not just Wi-Fi. Asus Fonepad Image attributed to IntelFreePress Asus has recently Read more [...]

Importance of Project Details in 3D Modeling

Investigation about the 3D project you are going to work on should be done before the start of work. Since based on the type of the project, the methodology can change a lot. Otherwise if you get surprises at a later stage, you might end up wasting your time and have to do the modeling from scratch. This will not only slow down the process but will increase costs as well.   You must also keep in mind that you are transferring relevant information only, other irrelevant or unnecessary information Read more [...]

How to See the Latest Test Match

As the first of two Ashes series in a year approaches it is worth remembering how things have changed over the years. The live televising of these matches between England and Australia is a fairly recent phenomenon. It has always been the most keenly fought cricket contest from the earliest days of the Game. The first series dates back to 1882 and the phrase ‘the Ashes’ was coined by the Sporting Times when it announced the death of English cricket after a home defeat at the Oval. The body was Read more [...]